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Jan. 25th, 2016 05:03 pm
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[ he wakes up in a bed. that's kind of weird to him because well, he still has he vague sensation of nails tearing through the skin of his face and his throat being crushed under metal. it's not a good feeling.

neither is the knot of anxiety in his stomach as the memories flood back to him, both of his death and his real life. the tiny gaps that were missing are all there again. he thinks of vaughn, he thinks of fiona, he thinks of jack. he also thinks of how his warnings fell on deaf ears and how -- how nothing he did will come to fruition.

he sits up, covers his mouth, and lets out a sob. his body shakes with it for a few moments, wet tears sliding down his face as he buries it against his knees and lets every bit of tension he's felt since his death failed come out of him in loud, wracking sobs. nothing he did mattered and -- and ciel is going to die, isn't he? ciel and angel and none of them listened to him. he was right, so painfully right about everything, and yet no one took any of his words to heart.

not even jack.

it's a long time before rhys is able to get himself together and it's with shaky footsteps that he finally pushes himself out of bed and drags himself over to look at the closest reflection he can find. he's in his pajamas -- the ones he preferred before... everything here. jack's old yellow sweater. his worn out blue and white pants. his hair hangs loose in his face as if freshly washed and there are no bruises, no blemishes. the blood is gone, the scars are gone, and he's whole again. he even takes a moment to lift the sleeve of his left arm and there it is, skin covered in blue ink but otherwise whole.

he's not sure if he's relieved, but this is better, maybe. he has a long time to get used to it.

so, with a sigh he leaves the bedroom and heads for the kitchen because -- well, he's due for some ice cream, he thinks. ]
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[ on the door to angel's apartment is a piece of paper, folded over and with "ANGEL" scrawled over the outside in rhys' handwriting. if she finds it and opens it, there will be a letter. ]


I know I'm the last guy you want to hear from but if you're reading this, I'm probably dead. Good. I don't deserve to live after all I've done and I prefer it this way. But you know who deserves to live?


See, here's the thing and before you read this know that reading it will hurt you. I'm sorry about that, but the damage shouldn't be enough to kill you. So, right. Those memories you have, about Pandora and Elpis and Hyperion? Fake, fake, fake. You probably have an inkling about that by now so I'm here to confirm it.

You might be wondering then why is it that you, me, and Jack have the same fake memories of the fake place, right? Think about it a little. Think about when you killed Paladin Danse. Did it feel right? Did it feel like the man you were looking for? No? Because it never was, Angel. That man wasn't me either. You can guess who it is now.

But the truth sucks, Angel, and I promise you, you don't want to die and be stuck with the two guys who really don't deserve to be around you. So, please survive and here's the thing: killing the Overseer won't help you do that. If you kill Ciel, you lose a lot of information and just keep playing right into the experiment. Ciel created a way out of the experiment for all of you, you just have to talk to him. He's thirteen years old, scared out of his mind, and knows there's an angry mob right out there ready to kill him despite the fact he never killed anyone. He didn't, Angel! He didn't see the point in playing along with the experiment and that's why he hid. He needed time to find another option.

That's what the attack is for. You have it and you could ignore me, you could ignore Ciel, and put your own revenge above this guaranteed option. Or you could take a chance and use it and get out of here, all of you.

Set up a private line on the terminal for you and Ciel. Talk to him yourself. Decide what to do from there. But please, don't take the option that's built into the experiment. Take the option that isn't.

I promise you, the dead will be fine when the power comes back online. Judy will be fine too. You probably won't have the time to say goodbye to them though, so do it before you run the attack. But you can come back, you know? When you're settled and safe and if you still want answers to all your questions. You can come back and talk... to all of us. We're not going anywhere, Angel, but you should.

Please get out of here.

- Rhys Marten
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[ there's a sheet of paper tucked into the groove along the door to the overseer's room, across the hall from judy's core where rhys has spent most of the day. it wasn't there earlier, even when rhys gave his vote from ciel's terminal, but it'll be there when rhys is finally downstairs in the courtroom.

it's a letter and the handwriting is, of course, rhys'. ]

Hey Ciel,

Remember when I said that thing about reprogramming the ankle monitors? That I could make it if they voted for me, Bigby's monitor would be shocked instead. So, I did that but a little differently. If they vote for you, the shocks will be sent to my monitor. I didn't turn it off.

See, I'm not going to let you die, kid. You've been working this entire time for a solution out of this experiment and I have to admire that. I got blinded, by Jack, by the other staff members, by my own paranoia. Even by Judy to an extent. I really thought what I was doing was right, even when I killed all those people. You? You didn't kill anyone, no matter how much I egged you on. You didn't play the game one bit, even sacrificing your mobility in the process.

So, if this goes like I think it might go and they're stupid enough to really believe killing the Overseer is the answer to all their problems, I'm going to buy you a bit more time. I'll die, you survive and you figure something out. You probably know about my plan by now, the DDoS attack? I got the idea when Judy moved her brain to her chassis. We just need a disconnect, you know? She doesn't manage the biosensors so taking her out is kind of irrelevant. I promised her sentience and I think I can do that even if I'm dead. If she changes me into data, there's nothing stopping her from taking the information in my head on how to change her code for herself, right? Then Judy can decide what she wants after that.

Run the attack. Turn the power off. Get everyone out. Then the power will come back on and Judy won't be any different than she was before. We can deal with her on our own, internally. She won't be alone if she has us. Talk to Angel too, she's better at this than me. I told you that originally. She might reach out to you via the terminal so look out for that. I really hope she does.

This does mean the dead will be offline for an hour as the attack runs and if we're not able to talk before that, this is my goodbye? I guess?

Please get out of here. Please survive. You're a great, great kid and you shouldn't have to die like this in here. Even if there's nothing out there, I know you'd prefer to find out what actually is. So do it, do your best. See what happens. And hey, if it's ever safe enough to come back, come say hi.

We're not going anywhere anyway.

See you later,
Rhys Marten
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[ sooo wherever they are, in this stupid hiding in the walls bullshit, rhys has to ask. ]

... Uh, Alice. That wasn't you, right?
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[ and a message for veronica, sent privately through the BBS. ]

okay. private line. just me and you, veronica.

you said you want to help. what would you do? i know i'm staff but i have my own questions too about everything. i only just remembered the real story, for the record. i didn't before, when we killed you.

might have gone a little crazy because of it, if you noticed.
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[ hi alice. sometime after the alfendi and alice note, rhys will leave alice one for just her. somewhere specifically alice will find it because well. ]

i'll give you an s + my death if you give me your trust completely
need help with earlier note but no one trusts me
can't do everything myself but WILL succeed if have help
only just found all this out or i wouldn't have done yesterday
leave your response in the tech lab
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[ so sometime during the day when jeff is alone and no one is around to spot him, he's going to get a wad of paper thrown at his head from out of nowhere. if he looks around, there really isn't much to indicate where it came from.

when jeff opens the note, it'll have rhys' handwriting on it. ]


doing a thing. trying to break open the door and get us out.
also it's rhys. this is my handwriting.
LIKELY to work but need people who won't be dicks to help
are you in or out
say something vague and weird and dumb out loud that sounds like agreement if so

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[ somewhere in alice's bed, she'll find a scrap of paper. on that scrap of paper, written in rhys' handwriting is: ]

trying to break open the door
that's why i'm still alive
only me or angel can do it but she won't now because we didn't know and i fucked it up
give this to alfendi or i'll find out if you don't


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[ since they're both in fucking hiding now anyway, wtf. rhys is going to try and grab ciel when ava and bigby are gone because... well. ]

Ciel, we need to talk.
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[ he's been terrified ever since he felt those shocks run through his system actually, the blood on his nose not stopping for a while and the stinging of his eyes as a result, not yet fading. still, he had to finish the meeting and talk to ciel and he still has so much work to do but --

but, he needs to calm down first. his hands are shaking and he swallows, feeling exceptionally jumpy for once as he slips into apartment one. his eyes jerk around the darkness, trying to be as silent as possible until he spots jack and then -- and then he makes a beeline right to him.

when he drops to his knees in front of jack, there's a terribly relieved sigh as his hands falter slightly before he shakes his head and cups jack's face with both hands, tapping flesh fingers lightly as he leans in to speak, barely audible. ]

Jack? Jack, please. Please wake up. Jack.

[ he's probably a sight with the blood staining his entire front, dried over his mouth and nose, and tear tracks on his face. yikes. ]
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[ okay so, rhys told angel they should meet for breakfast the day before and he still holds to that, wanting to do something nice for her after such a rough... everything. when he gets up in the morning, he's not quite sure if he should go to her directly or sort of... wait to see if he runs into her instead. so he finds himself waffling a little, hanging around in the atrium to see if he can find her first.

this probably means he's going to run into some other people he DIDN'T expect to meet though (jack, probably. it's jack) and so that'll happen too. either way, whichever one he spots first will have a slightly frazzled looking rhys approaching them with a -- ]

Hey, breakfast?
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[ what a weird fucking trial. what a weird fucking everything.

rhys isn't feeling the lingering clench of guilt in his stomach this time but he is... discontent. numb, even. two people he really actually liked had to do something they didn't want tonight and one of them died for it. he didn't feel up for socializing much afterwards, only wanting to talk to angel really for a bit before heading to his hideout when it was safe.

he's tired, exceptionally so after long hours of work and barely any sleep. he's not even sure how much he's keeping it together at this point with all the projects he has in the works for ciel and after that weird email from luke, he's not sure there's enough time in the day for all the stuff he has to do. it keeps him tense, wary, and that's probably why he didn't seek out jack like he usually does. though, can it really be a usually if it's only been a week? god damn.

but he doesn't want to deal with anything else tonight so he finds himself sitting on the floor of the small space he carved out for himself in the tech lab, eyes closed and head leaning back against the wall. maybe he'll just sleep here for a while until curfew hits, and then get back to work. ]
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[ this morning, while nursing a wicked awful hangover, rhys finds his way to the gym with a cup of coffee. he's got someone to talk to before the rest of the complex wakes up and hadn't had a chance to hit him up last night between all the... you know, booze.

god, he drank so much.

so, he heads into the gym, grateful for the earthy color tones on his sensitive eyes right now and heads straight over to wherever bigby is, clearing his throat to announce himself. ]

Hey, did you eat breakfast yet?
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[ sometime really close to curfew, jack's going to get accosted in the hall by a rhys. a rhys who has already changed into his pajamas for the evening and has his stupid floofy twink hair falling over his eyes from his shower. he's going to pull jack pretty quickly into a small alcove for a brief moment of privacy and find himself way too much in jack's personal space without even thinking about it, his hands even hovering awkwardly over jack's wrists but not yet latching on. he looks a little worried. ]

Hey, uhm. Can we talk for a moment? I'm kind of -- I just really want to talk to you for a moment.
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[ hello, shijima! wherever you are this evening, there is a rhys looking for you with a can in one hand and two forks in another. when he finally spots her, he'll come forward with a bright smile and looking pleased to see her. ]

Hey, stabby lady. I brought you some dessert. For, uh, not stabbing me in the throat that one time. Also, I had a good day so I felt like it, I guess.

[ he'll hold up the can then and it's definitely a can of tropical fruit salad. it even has cherries in it. it is delicious and he hopes she appreciates it. ]
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[ so sometime this evening, rhys is going to hunt down alice? -- jeff. jeff, he's going to hunt down jeff while he's eating with a Bone To Pick. so, wherever the guy ends up being, rhys is coming up in front of him with something important to say. ]

Dude, what the fuck.

[ yes, that's what he has to say. ]
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- Day 0: Rhys wakes up, punches himself in the face, yells at Judy, finds Dumpy, finds out he has to share a bed with brats?? Everyone is brats. Wanders around and then sulks for a while. Doesn't eat.

- Night 0: ???

- Day 1: Meets the love of his life, tells him to fuck off. Gets his throat cut and a weapon in return. Alright then. Meets the love of his life again, gets in a fistfight. Stupid. Continues to not eat.

- Night 1: Goes back to his room after his shower, runs into Jeff. Pretends to sleep with everyone else. Wakes up, goes meets his co-workers. Argues with co-workers. Leaves them and heads to the Tech Lab. Makes friends with Judy. Hatches a plan. Finally goes the fuck to sleep.

- Day 2: Quick message to Judy. Feels better about his injuries. Finally decides to eat. It gets gay. He can live with that. Finds out he's a religious figure. Isn't quite sure how to feel about that. Ignores it. Slips out during the day to talk to Judy again. Continues to hatch a plan. Starts building a place to store his shit out of the way of everyone. Spends most of the day doing that. No one looks for him.

- Night 2: Charles gets got. Rhys takes off his foot and in his panic, takes the whole god damn foot and runs across the Complex to the Tech Lab while covered in blood. Hastily types out a message because he fucking took the foot?? He didn't mean to take the foot. Panics so much. Ends up trying to put it somewhere else in the Complex, maybe someone's bed? Runs back through, trips while running, foot ends up in the fountain. Rhys regrets his life choices. Leaves the foot in the fountain and runs off to take a shower. Runs back to his room and passed the fuck out.

- Day 3: Body discovered. Rhys doesn't really bother involving himself with it. Probably goes gets coffee. Trial happens. Falls asleep in his coffee. Doesn't really pay attention to the rest. Thinks about how pretty Jack is. Wishes Jack would kiss him. Continues to sleep during the trial. Someone gets executed. Continues to not care.

- Night 3: Now, he's awake! Goes hang out with the mafia and they all call him pretty and smart. Except for Ciel, who sucks. Afterwards, he hangs out with Luke for a while before going to bed.

- Day 4: Wakes up, eats corn for breakfast because he can't cook. Goes take a shower after because he feels dirty for agreeing to murder a child and talking to Alice. Runs into someone else's child. Gets Angel to agree to touch his body. Feels pretty good about himself. Heads back to the Tech Lab to store his First Aid Kit. Runs into his one true love again. Feelings are somehow admitted. Dokis happen. Feels good about himself some more. Talks to Adam, his future prodigy, for a bit. "Grieves" with Veronica. Feels weird about it so heads back to the lab. Stays there for a while and eats with his bae. Finds Jeff afterwards to yell at him and spit in his food. Later, goes finds Shijima with dessert. Gets ready for bed. Shares an intimate moment with Jack. Goes back to his room. Prepares for murder.

- Night 4: Murders a child. It was absolutely ridiculous and he sort of just stabbed her in the gut, freaked out and ran away while she bled out. Went to the bathrooms to puke before coming back to deal with her foot. Runs back to his room, passes the fuck out and tries not to ruin it.

- Day 5: He ruins it, of course. Spends the investigation morning making breakfast with Shijima and Lara. Tries to avoid the corpse of the child he murdered. Everything kind of sucks. The trial is an absolute mess because Rhys can't get it together enough to not be a nervous wreck for a moment. He spends the entire time just a few button presses away from losing it completely and the paranoia he deals with usually is increased tenfold. Faints and breaks Judy and it's all pretty stupid. Is absolutely sure he's going to get caught.

- Night 5: He doesn't get caught. He doesn't get any votes? This honestly freaks him out more than anything else because he doesn't understand why. Absconds mid-execution because he can't handle the tension and is eventually Jack tracks him down. Confess he's part of the staff to Jack and deals with the ramifications of that. Eventually has to get up and go deal with the rest of the staff members. Gets super drunk. Gets yelled at by Ciel and then becomes a bit more morally dubious in the process. Passes out.

- Day 6: Wakes up. Feels hella guilty over the day before. Goes apologizes to Bigby for his personality. Later, gets yelled at by Ava for his personality. Not a good day! Ends up in the fountain because both Jack and Angel suck. Gets to fixing Judy with Veronica that I forgot to tag because I'm an asshole. Overall, weird sucky day for Rhys, abloo abloo.

- Night 6: Adam murders Franziska with a weapon named after Rhys because Judy is a menace. Rhys spends the night working in the tech lab. He feels pretty good about himself, actually. Still doesn't get any fucking sleep.

- Day 7: Franziska's dead and Rhys spent the morning sleeping, for once. Continues to look sketchy and useless at the trial but genuinely feels bad when Adam confesses. Was rooting for you, kid! Has a moment with Adam at the trial and then regrets it all when Angel's forced to execute him. Two of his favorite people in the Complex, front and center. He doesn't like it. Meets Jack later and their relationship status turns from "It's Complicated" to "In A Relationship With". Also, gets a letter from Luke. Makes another plan.

- Night 7: Hangs out with staff and gets mad when Angel's name is thrown into the pile. No? No. Fuck that. Otherwise, grills Judy, finds out some plot stuff and tries to figure out what to do with it. Talks to Ciel later and feels a little more strung out. Good day quickly turning into bad day now. Feels upset enough to go crying to Jack about it. In a impulsive move, steals everyone's blankets just in case.

- Day 8: CIEL PHANTOMHIVE IS A DEAD MAN. This pisses him off. Increasing urge of panic because why did you give him his orders right before you went into hiding, you crazy child!! Rhys isn't really doing so well so has breakfast with Jack and Angel while trying not to unravel from paranoia. Where did Ciel go? Was it a good idea to tell Jack the truth? What's going to happen next? Jack shows up with some bad news. Rhys loses his fucking mind but distracts himself by making out with Jack. Whoops.

- Night 8: Freaks out and talks to Judy. It doesn't help, only confirms his suspicions -- that Jack is a traitor bitch and has been ratting him out to Elizabeth for forever. Says goodbye to Judy in a way. Immediately reports what he found to the staff. They're absolutely no help at all and can't guarantee his safety. With Ciel gone, no one to keep order except for Bigby who Rhys doesn't trust. Rhys decides to take matters into his own hands. The plan:
1) Set everything on fire.
2) Cause two controlled explosions in two different parts of the Complex.
3) Don't murder anyone because then he's still "innocent" technically.
4) Last ditch effort to use the collars as planned by the staff.
None of this works out because both Hitsugi and Mitsutada wake up anyway. Why did you guys have to wake up? He really didn't want you to wake up. In the process Rhys learns some things that he isn't quite able to handle, especially with how his life has been going so far. In his upset, ends up attacking some sleeping people and regretting it. Attacks more people to make up for it. Last ditch effort to throw the trail off himself by stabbing himself too. (It doesn't work.)

- Day 9: Oh, fuck his absolutely shitty life. And you know what? Fuck Jack too. Traitor bitch. Trial happens and it is a literal garbage fire. Jack throws him under the bus, Rhys wonders who the hell also murdered last night, no one seems to care because he accidentally made himself too obvious in an attempt to not be obvious. Becomes public enemy #1 and his life is absolutely the worst and the hardest and boo hoo hoo. Tries to find out why everything went to shit during the execution. It fails. He still doesn't know if he can trust what anyone's saying? Paranoia, paranoia, paranoia. Judy's the only person he can trust now, he realizes. Murders Jack. Almost kills Angel (would never have killed Angel but they don't need to know that). Gives up and offers his death to Alice.

- Night 9: Ciel intervenes. Rhys is not very happy about it. Like, increasingly not very happy about it. Is willing to murder himself with his own hands not very happy about it. But Ciel has news he can't just ignore so, they talk and Rhys agrees to help. In the process, Rhys realizes he likes Ciel a lot and since he has nothing left to lose anymore -- he'll throw his lot in with Ciel wholeheartedly. He's a dead man walking. He wasn't supposed to be alive. Why is he alive? This is purgatory for Rhys. Begins to get yelled at by his dead husband, wtf. Just stay dead, kids.

- Day 10: So, he's pre-death. He's in a state of limbo. He's in hiding. What does he do now? He decides that if he and Ciel are going to get everyone out of here, he needs to make contacts. Who does he talk to? The people who hate him, of course. Luke comes through with the BBS, which nixes his need to build Luke his robot. This helps Rhys make contact and he figures since they hate him already, maybe they'll listen to him and work with him. What better ally is the one that you know will stab you in the back? Especially when your information is good. In the process, Luke and Rhys have a long talk about the state of things. And if that all doesn't work, at least one guy likes him enough to hear him out. On top of that, he comes up with a peace offering and talks to Judy about how it's all weighing on him a bit. Feels satisfied afterwards, maybe this will work in the end?

- Night 10: It clearly does not work.

- Day 11: Like, super doesn't. Rhys feels kind of ill about it and ends up talking to Ciel some more. They're both dead men walking, they shouldn't have to lie to each other, right? Right! They come up with a plan for the trial. Rhys heads over to Judy to talk about said plan and learn as much as he can. Then, he goes does his job. And it sort of works! Except no one listens to them again and Rhys has to use his back up plan. Sorry, Ciel.

- Night 11: He left a letter for Ciel. And an apology for Angel.

- Day 12: Reunited and it doesn't feel so good, but at least they're on even ground again. Rhys realizes how tired he is. Makes one last ditch effort anyway. Reunites with a friend in the process.

- Night 12: In a weird twist of events, Ciel, Jeff, and Alice save the day.

- Day 13: Rhys would never say it, but he's relieved. He's intensely relieved that Ciel is okay and Angel is okay and they're all getting out of there. Does he express it well? Of course not. Like really, he's a terrible human being. But it's done, everything is done, and he's genuinely kind of happy. So, you know, that's nice. Plus he gets to live out in the digital afterlife for the next hundred years until he makes Judy sentient enough to get all the dead into synths.

But that's... for later!


- Rhys' employee file
- Rhys' memory bank
- Rhys' list of projects/inventory
- Description of Rhys' cubbyhole post-his death
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[ okay, after deciding once again who/how to murder someone, rhys decides to use the rest of the night to work on his projects. as they're heading out of the labs and back to the general complex, rhys hangs back a little so he can tug on luke's sleeve and get his attention. ]

Hey, want to come to the tech lab with me? I'm still a bit wired and I could show you what I'm working on, if you're interested.

[ he actually looks a little bit eager too... seems like he just really wants to share his work with someone and luke's his best option right now. alas. poor lonely nerd. ]
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[ okay, after everyone is done being shady shitheads in the operating theater, rhys is going to take judy's advice and head to the tech lab.

... which he then gets mad about again because this place is perfect and his hands itch to touch everything within it. but he's tired and should probably head back to his room to get some sleep before everything goes down so he refrains from now. tomorrow night, maybe.

when he gets to the terminal, he drags a chair over and sits down to the type. ]

hey j
so are you open for talking now?
i need to know jack's deal
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[ okay, there's only so much sulking around, covered in blood and dirt and your own tears you can do before maaaybe, probably, going to go take a shower. it's late by the time rhys arrives to the bathrooms -- the place being pretty much empty at first glance. he's glad because he's pushing the curfew boundaries here and he really just wants to take a moment to think.

there's a thought that's been tugging at the back of his head since he first arrived. an agreement he might have made that he can't seem to remember the particulars of and he's been too freaked out to really sit and think about it, try and figure out what's bugging him so much about this. he kind of wants to ask judy about it but he's still a little frosty on her and isn't quite so keen on the idea of engaging again just yet -- plus, what if someone happens to read his conversation? he can't risk that.

so, he needs some peace and quiet to really think -- clear his thoughts and figure out what's bugging him so badly. it can't be the jack thing, he thinks, he's been over it for long enough and he told the jack here to leave him alone so... so, he should be fine, right? right.

when rhys gets to the bathroom, he's holding a towel and a bar of soap in one hand and a pair of asymmetrical pajama bottoms and an old hyperion sweater of his in the other. he's pretty relieved to have his normal pajamas here, at least. it's a small comfort for the strange circumstances. he's frowning to himself, thoughts swirling when he hears a noise, looks up, and --

oh, it's jack. ]

Aren't you supposed to be in your room? It's almost curfew.
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Rhys is going to spend most of his nighttime activities holed up in the tech lab, making stuff. Some of it is to help the Scientists out, some of it will just be left for others to See What Happens. I'll use this post to keep track of what items he's taken from the commissary and what he's working on at the moment.

- (x1) Baseball Bat
- (x1) Roll of Duct Tape
- (x2) Battery
- (x1) Scalpel
- (x1) Glue
- (x1) Can of Yellow Paint
- (ALL OF THE) Cans of Peaches
- (x4) First Aid Kits
- (x2) Packs of Cigarettes
- (x2) Bottles of Vodka
- (x2) Bottles of Antifreeze
- (x2) Ankle Monitors
- (x4) Asprin
- (x1) Day Tripper
- (x3) Blankets
- (x1) False Purple Eye

- Rewire monitors to rig bat into electric bat for tool to murder. ABANDONED
- Pull panel out of wall in Tech Lab to create small unmonitored space to store his goods and hide when needed. FINISHED
- Remove excess wiring to create storage compartment in metal arm to keep scalpel and other small weapons on him at all times. FINISHED
- Fix Dumpy and rehost Luke's consciousness into his system to keep for the rest of the game. ABANDONED
- Suicide pact shock collars rewired from the ankle monitors and worked to go around two people's throats. If Person A's heart level spikes, Person B's collar administers electric shocks in conjunction. If Person A dies, Person B is shocked to death. FINISHED
- Working to unlock inaccessible doors in the Operation Offices on third level. FINISHED
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[ hellooooo, marinette! wherever you happen to be on this fine graveyard like day, you're about to be bothered by a very whiny noodle. marinette wouldn't know it but rhys hasn't really done much of... anything during his death until very recently, mostly because he was Tragic and Angsting. now he is no longer so tragic but the cost is... pretty damn high.

it's actually pretty obvious too when rhys approaches dressed not in his usual suit, by in jack's stupid godawful yellow sweater and his slacks. why is rhys wearing that sweater? someone help rhys. ]

Hey, Marinette. You have a second? We need to talk. I mean, of course you have a second, you're freggin' dead for crying out loud.
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[ sup, minyans. sometime during the day, your tablets will beep with a new message and it'll show -- ]

You have been added to chatroom "FUCKING POS ALIENS FUUUUCK" by user RHY5-W1NZ.

RHY5-W1NZ: hey
RHY5-W1NZ: we should probably talk
RHY5-W1NZ: probably about the whole being possessed and murdering our friends thing
RHY5-W1NZ: "friends"
RHY5-W1NZ: but also whatever else i guess
RHY5-W1NZ: are you guys doing okay?


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"i've made a huge mistake" – rhys, probably